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Welcome to job search for the modern era.

How It Works

Step 1

Fill out the PartnurUp questionnaire
We do our best to ask you the right questions.

Step 2

Get matched!
Interview at companies that fit your skills, experience, and personal preferences.

Step 3

Get the job + a bonus!
We charge our clients 10% of the base salary, and you get half of that fee.
$100K salary = a $5K bonus for you.

Our Mission

Everyone knows that tech recruiting is broken. You get bombarded on social media for jobs based on buzzwords and web scraped profiles by pushy recruiters who care more about their deadlines, quotas, and commissions than what's best for you. Or when you're actively interested in a new role, you're forced to search through hundreds of posts on antiquated job boards, and then fill out the same information over and over again for jobs you're not sure you want. We've been there.

We know that you're a talented professional with unique personal and career goals, not a purple ninja-squirrel rockstar buzz word unicorn. So we've decided to create a platform that's a lot more matchmaker than middleman. We also hope to create a shift in the job marketplace model, where recruiters sell and companies buy employees to that of a platform for connectivity. We envision the future of job search as giving companies the opportunity to connect with the right candidate, giving the candidate the opportunity to connect with the right company, and keeping the candidate involved in the entire process.

In our opinion, the solution is a three pronged approach:

This is why we don't have deadlines or batches for our candidates, and we don't merely ask to list the buzzwords they've worked with. We attempt to fully understand the specific tasks that technologists perform day-to-day that are important to employers. Additionally, we share the revenue we make, at a 50/50 split with our Talent Partners. This means our candidates are vested in the job matching process from start to finish, resulting in better outcomes for both our Talent and Client Partners.


You take half the commission of traditional recruiting, and then you give 50% of that back to your candidates... do you hate money?

We don't hate money, but we believe that technical recruiting costs have gotten out of hand, and that candidates should be bigger beneficiaries part of the process. That's where we come in, to make it easier for companies to hire while providing a better (and more lucrative) experience for the candidate.

What makes your matching process better than anyone else's?

Well, a number of things. For one, we rely on 1st party information from the candidates themselves, rather than web scraping or any other kind of guesswork. Additionally, we ask the right questions based on deconstructing the roles candidates are applying to. So think what are you doing day to day, rather than what buzzwords you check off. But mostly, it's our paradigm of looking at candidates not as a sack of commission money, but as partners in the recruitment process. This perspective reflects in everything we do, and how we'll continue to evolve as a company.

I got the job, now when do I get my money?

You get your PartnurUp bonus a week after your 30th day on the job.

What is expected of me as a Talent Partner?

It's simple: honesty. Both in answering the questionnaires to the best of your ability, and making sure you attend interviews when you agree to.